Novato Youth Soccer Association Player Safety Guideline


NYSA is a developmental based league focused on player safety. In all cases, the player’s safety is our first and foremost concern. While there are several different types of injuries that may occur while participating in any organized youth sport, we continually work to improve league safety.


While this player safety guideline is established in part for our coaches, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that their player follows all guidelines with respect to reintegration into team play after suffering any injury. 


If you have any questions regarding this policy, or feel that additional steps should be taken to review or promote player safety, please contact our Director of Player Safety.



Return to Play Guideline Overview:


NYSA, a youth sports organization, shall mandate that all players who are injured during the course of play at either trainings or games, must have parent or guardian approval prior to returning to the playing field. Parents may send notice to the coach either in writing or verbally. However, an emailed notice is the preferred course of approval. A player returning to play at trainings or games shall serve as, intent that the player has been approved to play by the parent or guardian.

The North Marin United, Player Safety Philosophy regarding the Heading of the Soccer Ball



Over the past few years, there has been an increased awareness regarding concussions and youth soccer players using their heads to make contact to re-direct the soccer ball. At all levels, competitive soccer players watch professional soccer players, and work to emulate their heroes.


Based on the fact that our competitive soccer players participate in more soccer, working to be at the top of their game, NMU has adapted a philosophy relating to the heading of a soccer ball. In all cases, a player’s family will create and enforce their player/family policy on heading the soccer ball.


Regardless of a player’s age, a parent may elect to prohibit their player from heading the soccer ball. The player’s parent or guardian shall enforce the prohibition of heading the soccer ball by the player.


North Marin United will model a philosophy of player safety regarding a player making contact to redirect a soccer ball with his or her head. All coaches shall determine based on their respective age group and level of play, whether or not the education of heading the soccer ball will be included in their respective curriculum. Please refer to the Parent Approval Policy with regards to having your player opt out of the heading of a soccer ball. Coaches will work to educate their players on the correct, and safe techniques relating to heading the ball, however any one coach, DYSA, NYSA, and, or North Marin United cannot be responsible for an injury caused by a player heading the soccer ball. Please determine carefully if you want your player to participate in heading the soccer ball.